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Stourbridge : Town Clock

DPI-0108 Stourbridge - Town Clock and Market Hall [c.1928]

DPI-0108 Stourbridge - Town Clock and Market Hall [c.1928]

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A photograph of Stourbridge Town Clock that stands in the centre of the road junction of High Street, Coventry Street and Market Street. This decorative timepiece was made of cast iron in 1857 at John Bradley's Ironworks. Up until 1972 the clock had to be wound manually twice a week from a loft in Stourbridge Market Hall but nowadays it has an electric mechanism. The adjacent Market Hall has since gone but Nos. 4-6 Market Street formed part of the building which was erected in 1827. It is typical of the period when Greek and Roman architectural styles were prevalent in British town planning. This building includes Doric-type columns and stucco has been used to replicate Mediterranean stone and marble. The shop on the corner was occupied by F. Alcock who sold gramophone records. The Regent Cycle Shop can be seen next to Hilton's.

Catalogue Number : DPI 0108
Title : Stourbridge - Market Hall and Clock
Date : c.1928
Source : Real Photo Postcard
Maximum Dimensions : 6182 x 3728 Pixels
Resolution : 1200dpi
Maximum File Size : 13.59Mb

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