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Sherston : Angel Inn Sign

DPI-10841 Sherston - Inn Sign of the Angel Inn [c.1972]

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This inn sign was photographed in 1972. The 17th century inn has, in more recent years, been home to the Sherston Publishing Group. The sign of The Angel can be traced back to the Middle Ages and is embedded in the tradition of travellers inns or hotels and their association with the church. The signboard shows Saint George, with the help of divine intervention, slaying the plague-bearing dragon that lived in a lake near Silena, Libya, but had been terrorising the locals. The story or legend was derived from 'The Golden Legend,' a 13th century collection of stories devoted to the lives of saints. However, although a celebrated hero, Saint George was tortured and beheaded in c.304 at Lydda, Palestine, where, for centuries, his shrine was a popular place of pilgrimage.

Catalogue Number : DPI 10841
Title : Sherston - Angel Inn Sign
Date : 1972
Source : 35mm Slide
Maximum Dimensions : 1489 x 2114 Pixels
Resolution : 1200dpi
Maximum File Size : 4.53Mb

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