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Warstone Lane : Red Lion Hotel

DPI-0298 Hockley - The Red Lion Hotel in Warstone Lane [c.1928]

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Home to the likes of the Lion's Den Jazz Club, the Red Lion Hotel on Warstone Lane has survived into the 21st century when most neighbouring pubs have been lost. The frontage is essentially the same though the historic image looks much better with the etched and stained-glass windows plus massive lanterns. Shropshire-born Joseph Lea was the owner-publican of the Red Lion in the late 19th century. Indeed, he and his wife Elizabeth ran the hotel for around forty years before selling the building to Mitchell's & Butler's in June 1899. Receiving £8,270 the couple moved out to Ivydene, a large residence in leafy Erdington. At the time of this photograph the Red Lion was being managed by William and Florence Bragger. The couple had previously kept the Ladywood House in Ledam Street, a pub once run by Williamís parents.

Catalogue Number : DPI 0298
Title : Hockley - Red Lion Hotel
Date : c.1928
Source : Real Photo Postcard
Maximum Dimensions : 3802 x 5801 Pixels
Resolution : 1200dpi
Maximum File Size : 7.43Mb

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