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Vere Street : Saint Luke's Tavern

DPI-0299 Highgate - Saint Luke's Tavern in Vere Street [c.1945]

DPI-0299 Highgate - Saint Luke's Tavern in Vere Street [c.1945]

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Colloquially known as the "Bosted Boot," St. Luke's Tavern stood on the corner of St. Luke's Road and Vere Street. It was a building with an unusual shape and featured two arched doorways fronting St. Luke's Road, once a thoroughfare packed with terraced housing and courts. The left-hand door was the main entrance to the bar and the right-hand door was used to access the pub's outdoor for off-sales. The pub's smoke room was accessed via an entrance on Vere Street. The licensee of this old beer house at the time of this photograph was Bernard John Williams. He had been the publican until 1941 but may have been called up for service. The licence was transferred to Lilian May Williams until he returned home. Indeed, there is a home-made homecoming sign above the entry to the right of the pub. A small boy is standing on the pavement - is he waiting in expectation. The sign is a large V with the message -Welcome Home Val.- No doubt a good old-fashioned party and sing-a-long was held in the pub to celebrate Val's return. Herbert Guest succeeded Bernard Williams as licensee towards the end of the 1940's. A victim of redevelopment, the St. Luke's Tavern was closed on November 4th 1960. The site was later occupied by Matthew Boulton College.

Catalogue Number : DPI 0299
Title : Highgate - St. Luke's Tavern
Date : c.1945
Source : Real Photo Postcard
Maximum Dimensions : 6536 x 4212 Pixels
Resolution : 1200dpi
Maximum File Size : 8.78Mb

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