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Birmingham : Church of Saint Bartholomew

DPI-16500 Birmingham : Church of Saint Bartholomew at Masshouse Lane [1936]

DPI-16500 Birmingham : Church of Saint Bartholomew at Masshouse Lane [1936]

Image Detail & Specifications

A view of St. Bartholomew's Church from Park Street during the inter-war years. The church was regarded as being in Masshouse Lane though was often described as being in St. Bartholomew's Square. The photographer was stood in Park Street and the quality of the image is such that one can pick out the Globe Tavern in the distance. On the left there is a delivery van for the wholesale grocer and provision merchant Andrew Holt, a firm based in Summer Lane. Note the horse trough on the corner of Duddeston Row. The poster attached to the railings claims "It's good to get in the army."

St. Bartholomew's Church, a plain brick building with a Cupola, was erected in 1749 on land presented by John Jennens Esq., as a chapel of ease to St. Martin's Church. The interior was regarded as a good specimen of the Tuscan Order, graced with a richly carved altar piece, presented by the Earl of Denbigh, the communion plate was presented by Mrs. Mary Careless. The Chancel of this church pointed to the north instead of the east.

An older church stood on the site but was destroyed by the Parliamentary forces during the English Civil War. After the Restoration it was rebuilt, and the interior decorated by Sir Richard Gough. The body of the church was rebuilt in 1810, and was repaired and re-roofed in 1845. In the square tower there was a peal of bells, and in the interior an organ, and several monuments, principally to the Gough family.

The church was closed in the year following this photograph and was badly damaged by a bomb during the Second World War. The building was subsequently demolished.

Catalogue Number : DPI 16500
Title : Birmingham - Church of Saint Bartholomew
Date : December 29th 1936
Source : Glass Plate Negative
Maximum Dimensions : 4788 x 3420 Pixels
Resolution : 1200dpi
Maximum File Size : 5.77Mb

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