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Birmingham : Market Hall & Worcester Street

DPI-9635 Birmingham : Market Hall and Worcester Street [c.1910]

DPI-9635 Birmingham : Market Hall and Worcester Street [c.1910]

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Birmingham's old Market Hall, a building, constructed of free stone, from a design by Charles Edge, extended from High Street to Worcester Street, and was 360 feet long, 108 feet wide. It was a plain Grecian structure, with a deep base, and a projecting entablature, having one large and lofty entrance in the High Street, and another in Worcester Street. There were two similar entrances, with plain pyramidal projecting facades in Philip Street, and two in Bell Street. The roof was composed of a lantern middle part for air and light, and had fifty-six windows on each side, and five at each end, with seventeen large skylights at the top, and two side parts of the common angular construction, which had seventeen skylights each. The whole was sustained by seventeen series of beams, which were supported by seventeen pairs of iron pillars, 28 feet high, and 20 feet apart. In the body of the hall there was room for accommodating 600 persons with stalls, with space sufficient for three or four thousand persons to perambulate.

The building was bombed during the Second World War and stood for many years as an empty shell. It was finally pulled down during the Bull Ring development of the 1960's.

Catalogue Number : DPI 9635
Title : Birmingham Market Hall and Worcester Street
Date : c.1910
Source : Original Negative
Maximum Dimensions : 6068 x 3576 Pixels
Resolution : 1200dpi
Maximum File Size : 8.45Mb

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