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Winson Green : Off Licence

DPI-5087 Winson Green - James Turner Street Off Licence [1951]

DPI-5087 Winson Green - James Turner Street Off Licence [1951]

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The date of this photograph is July 26th 1951 but it could be the 1920's such is its timeless appeal. It certainly looks as if licensee Florence Paice kept a tidy establishment. Part of the outdoor's appeal is its understatement. Unlike retailing of the 21st century, there is no flashy advertising or gimmickry - however, the stark asceticism of the offie probably conveyed a subliminal message that this was the place to obtain simple well-kept ale. Locals would be served via handpull and jug and they could nip home to enjoy a beer with their dinner or whilst listening to the light programme. Note the wonderful etched glass windows and the cellar trap between the doors.

Catalogue Number : DPI 5087
Title : Winson Green - Off Licence
Date : 1951
Source : Glass Plate Negative
Maximum Dimensions : 6523 x 4126 Pixels
Resolution : 1200dpi
Maximum File Size : 10.30Mb

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