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Hockley : The Royal Mint

DPI-0290 Hockley - The Royal Mint in Icknield Street [c.1962]

DPI-0290 Hockley - The Royal Mint in Icknield Street [c.1962]

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The Royal Mint Inn stood on the west side of Icknield Street but was removed for the 'improvement' of the road - the motor car has a lot to answer for! In this shot a Ford Cortina is about to overtake the No.8 bus. As the pub's name suggests, the building stood across from The Mint. The pub was on the corner of Hingeston Street which can be seen to the left in this photograph. The name of Walter Forbes Hepburn can be seen above the door - he was the licensee between November 1964 and July 1967. The pub has the livery of Atkinson's Brewery. The Royal Mint had earlier been operated by the Langley-based Showell's Brewery. Bass were the owners when the building closed on September 29th 1970.

Catalogue Number : DPI 0290
Title : Icknield Street - The Royal Mint
Date : c.1962
Source : Real Photo Postcard
Maximum Dimensions : 6275 x 3931 Pixels
Resolution : 1200dpi
Maximum File Size : 7.42Mb

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