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Digbeth : Shops and Vehicles

DPI-16385 Birmingham - Shops and Vehicles in Digbeth [1930]

DPI-16385 Birmingham - Shops and Vehicles in Digbeth [1930]

Image Detail & Specifications

With the Civic Hall and Institute on the left, this inter-war view of Digbeth shows shops that stood on the opposite side of the road. St. John's Church at Deritend can be seen in the distance. The first shop on the right was at No.62 Digbeth and occupied by Sonia Ladies' Gowns and Mantle. According to a sign in the shop window bridal gowns were a speciality of this store. The shop next door probably offered a complementary service in that it had recently been occupied by the hatter Morris Rose. However, the shop display here suggests that the business had moved or folded. The next shop along was Bolton's shoe shop in a retail space formerly occupied by the butcher Walter Sims. Bolton's here have an extensive range of shoes on display in the windows and dozens hung outside.

Catalogue Number : DPI 16385
Title : Digbeth - Shops and Vehicles
Date : April 29th 1930
Source : Glass Plate Negative
Maximum Dimensions : 4621 x 3186 Pixels
Resolution : 1200dpi
Maximum File Size : 4.91Mb

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