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Digbeth : Digbeth & Rea Street

DPI-26104 Birmingham - Junction of Digbeth and Rea Street [c.1932]

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This busy image shows the junction of Digbeth and Rea Street during the inter-war years. The shop standing prominent on the north-western corner of this junction is the S.P.Q.R. Warehouse where one could buy carpets, rugs, mats and floor cloths. However, it was linoleum for which the shop was noted. The large emporium was run by Alfred George Homer.

Catalogue Number : DPI 26104
Title : Digbeth - Junction of Rea Street
Date : c.1932
Source : Original Photograph
Maximum Dimensions : 760 x 570 Pixels
Resolution : 1200dpi
Maximum File Size : 360Kb

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