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Digbeth : Anchor Inn

DPI-0206 Digbeth - Anchor Inn on Bradford Street [c.1934]

DPI-0206 Digbeth - Anchor Inn on Bradford Street [c.1934]

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This photograph was taken around 1934 when Frederick Shaw was licensee of The Anchor on the corner of Rea Street. The building is a member of the city's fine collection of red terracotta buildings erected in the late Victorian and Edwardian age. It was in 1901 that Ansell's commissioned local architects James and Lister Lea and Sons to design a striking new building to replace the original Anchor Inn. However, the building plans for the 'new' Anchor were not passed until 1902. The pub is typical of the firm's work during this period. They were also responsible for the nearby White Swan, Dog and Partridge, Eagle and Tun and Woodman Inn. Criticised by many architects of the period and indeed later, these "pub palaces" do at least have an important place in the fabric of the city.

Catalogue Number : DPI 0206
Title : Digbeth - Anchor Inn
Date : c.1934
Source : Original Brewery Sales Postcard
Maximum Dimensions : 2825 x 2066 Pixels
Resolution : 600dpi
Maximum File Size : 5.28Mb

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