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Blythe Street : Off Licence

DPI-16347 Ladywood - Blythe Street Off Licence [1957]

Image Detail & Specifications

This outdoor was located at No.22 Blythe Street. This image was captured in November 1957 when Sarah Court was the licensee of the shop operated by Mitchell's and Butler's of Cape Hill. The building was rather ramshackle with poor brickwork, cracks in the wall and a worring bulge in the fabric next to the passageway. Connecting Ledsam Street and Ladywood Road, Blythe Street was originally called Chester Street. It was flattened for the Ladywood Middleway though Rann Close has been built on part of the old street. Mrs. May Lott was running this shop during the Second World War. During the Edwardian period she was the licensee of the Duke of York at Horse Fair.

Catalogue Number : DPI 16347
Title : Blythe Street - Off Licence
Date : 1957
Source : Glass Plate Negative
Maximum Dimensions : 3441 x 4253 Pixels
Resolution : 1200dpi
Maximum File Size : 5.60Mb

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