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Ashted : Church of Saint James

DPI-16336 Birmingham : Church of Saint James at Barrack Street in Ashted [1938]

DPI-16336 Birmingham : Church of Saint James at Barrack Street in Ashted [1938]

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The Church of Saint James the Less was originally a mansion occupied by John Ash during the 18th century. Described by William Hutton as "a sumptuous house," it was built on a plot of land leased from Sir Lister Holte. The plot stood between Great Brooke Street, Barrack Street and St. James Street. As the projector, Dr. John Ash played a key role in the construction of the old General Hospital in Summer Lane. When he moved to London in 1789, he sold the lease of his estate to the attorney John Brooke - hence Great Brooke Street. It was John Brooke who developed the area, naming it after the previous owner, and laid out the streets for a new housing estate. The mansion was converted into a place of worship for the local residents in 1791, though the building was not consecrated until 1810. The building can be seen here in a photograph taken in 1938. The church was subsequently bombed during World War Two and demolished in 1956.

Catalogue Number : DPI 16336
Title : Ashted - Church of Saint James the Less
Date : November 24th 1938
Source : Glass Plate Negative
Maximum Dimensions : 4744 x 3639 Pixels
Resolution : 1200dpi
Maximum File Size : 7.16Mb

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