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Phyllis and Zena Dare in a Minerva Car

DPI-30638 Phyllis and Zena Dare in a Minerva Car [c.1907]

DPI-30638 Phyllis and Zena Dare in a Minerva Car [c.1907]

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In what may have been a publicity photograph for Minerva Automobiles, stage and screen stars Phyllis and Lena Dare can be seen here enjoying a ride in one of the company's early models, a Minerva Knight that featured an engine developed by Charles Yale Knight in the United States. Utilising using double sleeve valves, this engine was noted for running almost silently which helped to enhance the firm's reputation as manufacturers of the "Goddess of Automobiles." The company was founded in Antwerp by the Dutchman Sylvain de Jong. He initially started a bicycle factory but later moved into the production of motorcycles and automobiles. It was in 1903 he founded the Société Anonyme Minerva Motors in Berchem [Antwerp].

Catalogue Number : DPI 30638
Title : Phyllis and Zena Dare in a Minerva Car
Date : c.1907
Source : Real Photo Postcard
Maximum Dimensions : 6765 x 4245 Pixels
Resolution : 1200dpi
Maximum File Size : 8.54Mb

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