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Wolverhampton : Darlington Arms

DPI-6004 Wolverhampton - Darlington Arms [c.1933]

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The site of the Darlington Arms is now occupied by a large car park. The building once stood on the south side of Darlington Street, several doors down from the Methodist Church. The narrow lane seen here was named Darlington Passage and, as the signboard states, led to a garage and covered car park. This was one of the unique selling points of the Atkinson's-operated Darlington Arms as it offered motoring facilities to those visiting the town. The pub was always linked to transportation; during the 19th century many carriers operated services from the Darlington Arms to outlying towns such as Bridgnorth, Shifnal and Pattingham. Gaining hotel status is later years, the Darlington Arms started its life as a beer house. George Ward was an early publican. He was also a builder and retail brewer. Indeed, the lane once led to two malt houses, no doubt the site of his brewing in the early 1830's. Whilst one of the malt houses fell into ruin, the second property was later converted into an engineering works.

Catalogue Number : DPI 6004
Title : Wolverhampton - Darlington Arms
Date : c.1933
Source : Real Photo Postcard
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