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Smethwick : Cheshire's Brewery Poster

DPI-30602 Smethwick - Cheshire's Windmill Brewery Poster [c.1900]

DPI-30602 Smethwick - Cheshire's Windmill Brewery Poster [c.1900]

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The Windmill Brewery in Smethwick was founded by Edward Cheshire in the mid-19th century. Born in 1842 in Titford Lane at Langley Green, he was the son of a shopkeeper. An early venture was running the Cock Inn at Rolfe Street in Smethwick where he brewed the ales sold in the pub. He and his wife Ann moved to the New Church Inn on Windmill Lane where sales took off. He raised the capital to construct a new brewery on a site that incorporated a windmill dating from 1803. The first brew took place in 1887. The beers proved popular and Edward Cheshire was able to develop a tied estate of public houses including the Old Talbot on Smethwick's High Street, the Queen's Head at Londonderry Road, and the Seven Stars in Cape Hill. These houses would stock Cheshire's Family Ale, Guinea Bitter Ale, Indian Pale Ale, Porter and Stout. Cheshire's became a limited company in 1896 when they absorbed the Birmingham properties of Threlfall's Brewery. The company was acquired by the neighbouring Mitchell's & Butler's in 1913 and production at the Windmill Brewery ceased. Edward Cheshire joined the board of M&B.

Catalogue Number : DPI 30602
Title : Smethwick - Cheshire's Brewery Poster
Date : c.1900
Source : Original Poster
Maximum Dimensions : 3237 x 2224 Pixels
Resolution : 800dpi
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