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Smethwick : Cape Hill Brewery

DPI-16217 Smethwick - Mitchell's and Butler's Cape Hill Brewery [c.1929]

DPI-16217 Smethwick - Mitchell's and Butler's Cape Hill Brewery [c.1929]

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The Cape Hill Brewery pre-dated the partnership of Mitchell's and Butler's. It was in the early months of 1877 that Henry Mitchell acquired a seven acre site at Cape Hill, then open fields. In March 1877 an artesian well was sunk and work started on the construction of a new brewery. The first brew at Mitchell's Cape Hill Brewery took place in July 1879. Within two years of the merger of Mitchell's and Butler's, the Cape Hill site had been extended to sixty acres. By 1914 this would be further extended to ninety acres with the company employing more than a thousand people. Under ownership of the giant brewing concern of Coors, the Cape Hill Brewery was closed in 2002. Production of the M&B beers was transferred to Burton-upon-Trent.

Catalogue Number : DPI 16217
Title : Smethwick - Cape Hill Brewery
Date : c.1929
Source : Original Company Postcard
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Resolution : 800dpi
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