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Rowley Regis : Perry Park

DPI-4470 Rowley Regis - Perry Park [c.1910]

DPI-4470 Rowley Regis - Perry Park [c.1910]

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A superb photograph showing the Black Country landscape of yesteryear. The photographer would have been stood on the bank at the end of Highfield Road and the lens is pointed towards Haden Hill and Old Hill. In the foreground is the incline for the tram that connected Old Hill with Blackheath. The soil looks very fresh so the tramway's construction was very recent at the time of this photograph. The first tram to travel up this route was part of a trial run held at 18.15 hrs on the evening of 27th September 1904. The service was not opened to the public until Saturday November 19th, after which date it was possible to travel from Old Hill to Blackheath for one penny. The trams continued in service until June 1927. The Tump, as it known locally, was developed into a road called Perry Park Road. In this photograph the landscape is littered with sheds and chimneys of local brick factories. The working of coal can also be seen at Haden Hill and Riddins. The train line from Birmingham to Stourbridge can also be seen on the left. This railway line from Stourbridge originally terminated at Old Hill but was extended to Smethwick in 1867. In this photograph it is possible to follow the rails as they pass over the canal near the Boat Inn, past the brickyards and over Beauty Bank before heading towards Cradley Heath. The Sportsman and Railway Hotel is visible. This pub was later known as The Wharf as there was a canal basin close to Old Hill railway station. The large chimney stack to the right of the photograph was part of the South Staffordshire Mines Drainage Works.

Catalogue Number : DPI 4470
Title : Rowley Regis - Perry Park
Date : c.1910
Source : Original 10 x 8 Photograph
Maximum Dimensions : 6827 x 4390 Pixels
Resolution : 1200dpi
Maximum File Size : 6.92Mb

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