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Quarry Bank : Blue Ball Inn

DPI-13893 Quarry Bank - Blue Ball Inn [c.1912]

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The original Blue Ball Inn can be seen here in 1912 with licensee Elizabeth Insull posing for a photograph along with two young women who worked at the pub. One of the women may be Phyllis Insull, daughter of the licensee who was recorded as an assistant in the previous year's census. Son William also helped out at the Blue Ball Inn. As a widow, Elizabeth Insull succeeded her husband as licensee. During this period, the Blue Ball Inn formed part of the tied estate of Atkinson's Brewery Ltd. The Aston-based company retained the pub until 1929 when they sold to Julia Hanson and Sons of the Tower Street Brewery in Dudley. In the mid-Victorian period the Blue Ball Inn was a home-brew house, Netherton maltster and brewer William Smith had acquired the Blue Ball Inn at a public auction in 1867. The building displays all the elegance of Regency architecture. Built of expensive brick, the facade was covered in stucco and finished with two moulded plaster columns, topped off with a fine gable. This was capped with a ball - painted blue to act as the pub's sign. The neat lettering on the pub's frontage was completed by G. H. Shakespeare of Brierley Hill - he was clearly proud of his work because he signed it off! His name can be seen to the right of the lantern. Boasting a fine bowling green, the original Blue Ball Inn was positioned close to the Dudley to Lye turnpike road. It was when this highway was widened in 1960 that the original pub was demolished and a replacement Blue Ball constructed a little closer to the town of Quarry Bank. The Blue Ball closed in 2002 and the building was converted into a restaurant.

Catalogue Number : DPI 13893
Title : Quarry Bank - Blue Ball Inn
Date : c.1912
Source : Real Photo Postcard
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Resolution : 1200dpi
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