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Rushden : George Battersby's Shop

DPI-19914 Rushden - George Battersby' Grocery Shop [c.1910]

DPI-19914 Rushden - George Battersby' Grocery Shop [c.1910]

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George William Battersby proudly stands on the step of his grocery shop at No.68 High Street in Rushden's town centre. He would have scored top marks for a neat shop frontage with everything in place. It certainly looks as though he and his wife Annie were well organised. Some of the shop's best-selling items are on display in the windows, along with advertising for their special offers. Also stood on the shop's step is their daughter Annie who was born in the town in 1905. George Battersby was himself born in the Lincolnshire town of Bassingham in 1873. His father was a hawker so it would seem that retailing was in the family genes. George served his apprenticeship with William Holmes, a grocer in his home town. In 1899 he married Annie Evans, a local woman from Higham Ferrers.

Catalogue Number : DPI 19914
Title : Rushden - George Battersby' Grocery Shop
Date : c.1910
Source : Glass Plate Negative
Maximum Dimensions : 3286 x 2226 Pixels
Resolution : 1200dpi
Maximum File Size : 3.96Mb

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