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Brackley : Bell Inn

DPI-0028 Brackley - Bell Inn [c.1949]

DPI-0028 Brackley - Bell Inn [c.1949]

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An image of The Bell in Brackley captured just after the Second World War. The Bell is located at the 'top' end of the High Street in the area known as Antelope Hill. Having retained its extensive stable block, the pub is located on the corner of Church Road. A 1936 trade directory shows that the Saint Peter's Lodge of the Royal Antedilivian Order of Buffaloes met at the Bell Inn every Wednesday. A pub of some antiquity, the Bell Inn was also associated with the town's cricket team. In the 1840's it was recorded that the pub served post-match dinners for both the home and away teams.

Catalogue Number : DPI 0028
Title : Brackley - Bell Inn
Date : c.1949
Source : Real Photo Postcard
Maximum Dimensions : 6765 x 4452 Pixels
Resolution : 800dpi
Maximum File Size : 5.37Mb

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