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Lincoln : William Fowler's Shop

DPI-19913 Lincoln - William Fowler's Grocery Shop [c.1910]

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In the 21st century the ground floor of this building had been radically altered to accommodate a branch of the Cheltenham and Gloucester Bank. However, the building still stands on Lincoln's High Street on the corner of Saint Benedict's Square. In the Edwardian period the shop was occupied by the grocer and provision merchant Willingham Fowler. He had worked for his uncle here for a number of years before taking over the business. Born in the Rutland village of Barrow in 1875, he had grown up on a farm in Cottesmore run by his parents Willingham and Ellen. A couple of his employees can be seen here outside the shop - Willingham Fowler employed four shop assistants, a housekeeper and a domestic servant. Business was clearly good in order to employ a mini-army of staff.

Catalogue Number : DPI 19913
Title : Lincoln - William Fowler's Grocery Shop
Date : c.1910
Source : Real Photo Postcard
Maximum Dimensions : 3354 x 2226 Pixels
Resolution : 800dpi
Maximum File Size : 5.03Mb

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