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Liverpool : MV Snowdrop [Dazzle Ferry]

Liverpool - MV Snowdrop [Dazzle Ferry] on the River Mersey [2015]

Liverpool - MV Snowdrop [Dazzle Ferry] on the River Mersey [2015]

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Taken from Birkenhead, this photograph has Liverpool as the backdrop with the MV Snowdrop, dubbed the Dazzle Ferry, taking tourists up and down a choppy River Mersey - it was quite a windy day when this photograph was taken. Formerly known as MV Woodchurch, this vessel was launched in October 1959. However, this event took place on the River Dart and not the Mersey as the vessel was built by Messrs. Philip & Son Ltd. of Dartmouth. After a major overhaul and refurbishment, the vessel was named Snowdrop when re-launched in 2004. Painted in 2015, the colourful design was created by Sir Peter Blake as part of the region's First World War commemorations. Ships were painted with these patterns during World War One to 'baffle the eyes of the enemy' and made the vessels difficult to target.

Catalogue Number : DPI 40003
Title : Liverpool - MV Snowdrop [Dazzle Ferry]
Date : 12-11-2015
Source : Panasonic DMC-TZ41
Maximum Dimensions : 4707 x 3386 Pixels
Resolution : 1200dpi
Maximum File Size : 8.72Mb

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