Digital Photographic Images

How It All Works

A key aim of this website is to provide electronic versions of rare and historic images with an emphasis on topography and local history. Consequently, the images provide a valuable resource to genealogists and researchers. Images are taken from acquired photographic collections, old postcards, slides, glass plate negatives etc. To augment these, recent digital photographs are also offered. These also concentrate on topography and local history but other topics are covered.

Rare images restored and ready for immediate use

Any historian or family tree researcher knows how hard it is to find images from the past. Not only are we offering rare and hard-to-find images, we are also providing downloads of restored images. So, when you order from this website you get images that have been professionally prepared for your immediate use. In many cases many hours have been spent cleaning up scratches, dirt and and other faults so that your download looks as good as the day the photograph was taken. Care is taken so that the image has retained its integrity. Therefore the image has not been tampered with additional objects or people. What you see in the image is what the photographer saw all those years ago. See below for an example of the restoration work applied to an old 35mm slide.

Free image downloads and prices for larger files....

Halesowen - Stewart's and Lloyd's Lorry at Corngreaves Hall [c.1930]

The above inter-war image of the Stewart's and Lloyd's lorry is taken from a very rare postcard. It could take years to find a copy at a postcard fair, antiques show, auction etc. On this website you can download this image for FREE. Typically, free downloads measure 200 pixels but are created in Photoshop with the 'high' resolution setting. If you require a larger file then we offer an image at 1024x684 pixels [good quality for large website images and other media] for £12.60p. Such an image is ideal for use in a local history book or, perhaps, to display in a standard photo frame. For those requiring high resolution files we also offer an image at 3072x2052 pixels for £28.98p. This type of file could be used to produce a beautiful framed photograph for your home. We have printed many different images at A3 and they look fabulous.

A close-up view of the restoration process

Below is part of DPI 7001 which is taken from a 35mm slide. Over half a century's worth of grime and scratches have been removed so that you have a wonderfully clear image to download. The restored photograph winds the clock right back to the original day on which the image was captured. Naturally, the work and care that has gone into each download is reflected in the price along, of course, with the rarity value of the image.

Image Pre-Restoration

Image Post-Restoration