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Paypal is the preferred payment for this site - it is one of the safest online payment methods and allows you to pay with a number of cards. You DO NOT need a Paypal account to pay but perhaps you should consider setting one up - it's free and easy to do so. Why have your credit card details with lots of retailers when you could just have one account that is accepted by many websites. WE DO NOT see your credit/debit card details. Indeed, as general good practice on the web, we urge you to BEWARE of using shopping baskets from sites that may not be truly secure. This site is a relatively small enterprise and does not have the resources to fund an ultra-secure online ordering system, hence the hook-up with Paypal - this provides peace-of-mind for both you and us.

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Each image is priced on the website and each image has an "add to basket" button. When you press one of these buttons you will be directed to your shopping basket. You can remove items by updating the basket. If you wish to continue viewing images and/or buy further photos you can use the "continue shopping" button to return to the page you were browsing. Please ensure you are pressing the correct button for the image you require - it is always below the measurements of the photograph. However, as mentioned, you can always delete items from your basket before you checkout. Once you are finished browsing and shopping simply review your purchases and. if you're ready. checkout.

When you are ready to pay press the "proceed to checkout" button. Paypal account holders simply log in and pay with a click. However, you can still checkout using your credit card on arguably the most secure system around. Paypal generates an invoice for you and a copy is sent to the website when your images will be sent via e-mail with attachments. We like to do it this way as we feel we can provide that little extra customer service with a friendly message and some advice on how to safely store your images on your computer's hard drive or other media.

All orders are processed as quickly as possible but the office is not a 24/7 operation. We may be on the road taking photographs, buying collections of old images or having a day off! We do however like to keep everyone happy as, as such, we generally process orders on the same day. You are a valued customer and are treated as such. If this website was a zillion-pound turnover operation we would have systems in place that could automate the process and speed things up a bit but our limited resources have [and still are] spent on the images themselves - which really are priceless. We are just a small but enthusiastic set-up so please be patient.

Images can be sent via CD or Pen Drive but this costs a little extra. Please e-mail us with any questions or queries you may have. In the meantime we hope you enjoy looking around the website.

Rowley Regis - Tram Line at Perry Park [c.1910]