Digital Photographic Images

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully these FAQ's will answer most of your queries. However, if you have any other questions please e-mail us and we will endeavour to answer them - and add them to this page!!

How are your prices calculated?

Most of the images on offer on this website have been carefully restored so that you have a wonderful image looking as good as the day it was taken. Many hours are spent on images removing scratches, dirt, mould and grime in order to provide a quality image for you to enjoy. Naturally, the work and care that has gone into each download is reflected in the price along, of course, with the original rarity value of the photograph. You can click here to see more about the restoration process.

How do I download my images?

We are trying to offer a personal service by sending images to you via a friendly e-mail message. You simply save the attachment to the desired location on your computer. We are fully up-to-date with the latest anti-virus software so nothing horrible will happen. However, as a belts-and-braces approach, it is always good practice to scan any incoming attachments [not just ours] with your anti-virus software. In many respects this is safer than a direct download from a website.

Can I use the images for anything?

You can use the images for many projects but there are some do's and don'ts. These are explained in the page devoted to Photo Image Usage Terms. Essentially, you are not allowed to re-print, re-sell or re-distribute the images alone. However, Special Licensing is available for customers who require large images for other uses.

Do I need to worry about DPI?

Not really. Honest. Take a look at this interesting article which should dispel many myths. Essentially, images and photographs are offered from 72dpi to 1200dpi but if you are printing then you should concentrate on the quality of the printer. Take a look at our samples page to see how good the images can be at Digital Photographic Images.

What does the term "Royalty-Free" mean?

Basically, this means that you pay a flat one-off fee for an image without a royalty for each time it is used within the same project. For example, customers can use an image three times on the same website but only need to download once and pay once.

What is the image format?

For most it is JPEG though large files sizes sold through a Special Licence can be a TIFF or RAW file.

What about writing or watermarks on the image?

There will be no text on the downloaded image.