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Romford : Ind Coope Brewery Poster

DPI-8149 Romford : Ind Coope Brewery Poster [c.1898]

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A lovely poster produced by the Ind Coope Brewery at Romford at the end of the Victorian period. The poster was part of an advertising campaign that listed the hospitals and clubs that recommended the medicinal properties of their products. The Ind Coope brewery at Romford was formed after the purchase of George Cardon's Star Brewery in the High Street in 1799.

Catalogue Number : DPI 8149
Title : Romford : Ind Coope Brewery Poster
Date : c.1898
Source : Original Brewery Poster
Maximum Dimensions : 3072 x 4798 Pixels
Resolution : 1200dpi
Maximum File Size : 26.8Mb

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