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Longshaw : Motor Tricycles at Fox House Inn

DPI-7076 Longshaw - Motor Tricycles at Fox House Inn [c.1909]

DPI-7076 Longshaw - Motor Tricycles at Fox House Inn [c.1909]

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Visiting the historic Fox House Inn on this day was a group of men riding motorised tricycles. This form of transport would have been beyond the reach of the average working-class person so these men almost certainly had a few quid in the bank. Some of the tricycles appear to be the 1899 MMC. The engine of these tricycles were manufactured in the Motor Mills by the Motor Manufacturing Company [MMC]. The tricycles themselves were made by Humber in Beeston, Nottinghamshire.

Standing at 1,150ft above sea level, the Fox House was a 'destination pub' for those escaping industrialised Sheffield at the weekend. One of the rooms in this former farmhouse has been dated to 1690, though the early building was largely 18th century. Historically part of Derbyshire and forming part of the parish of Hathersage, the property was rebuilt in Tudor style by the Duke of Rutland. It is thought that it was formerly called the Travellers' Rest, but renamed in honour of the Fox Family of nearby Callow. Benjamin Thorpe kept the Fox House Inn during the Edwardian period. Born in Dore in 1867, he and his wife Margaret employed several farm labourers to assist with the agricultural side of the business.

Catalogue Number : DPI 7076
Title : Longshaw - Tricycles at The Fox House
Date : c.1909
Source : Real Photo Postcard
Maximum Dimensions : 7882 x 5156 Pixels
Resolution : 1200dpi
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