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Birkenhead : Hornblowers Inn Sign

Birkenhead - Inn Sign of The Hornblowers Pub in Market Street [2015]

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Although this Birkenhead public house displays a horn blower sat at the rear of a mail coach, the name may derive from Lewis Hornblower, the 19th century Liverpool architect who was involved in the design and creation of Birkenhead Park. Together with the French landscape architect Édouard André, he was also responsible for the design of Sefton Park across the Mersey at Liverpool. The Hornblowers is a relatively recent name for this boozer as it is an amalgamation of two old public houses - The Globe and the Market Inn. The combined houses were formerly called Barristers.

Catalogue Number : DPI 40004
Title : Birkenhead - Innsign of The Hornblowers
Date : 12-11-2015
Source : Panasonic DMC-TZ41
Maximum Dimensions : 4327 x 3404 Pixels
Resolution : 800dpi
Maximum File Size : 6.47Mb

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