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Birmingham : King of the Road Inn Sign

Birmingham - Inn Sign of the King of the Road at Aston Newtown [1975]

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Probably painted in 1971 when this Ansell's pub opened in Newtown, Birmingham. The building was close to the former Lucas factory on Great King Street in Hockley. Born in Birmingham in 1834, Joseph Lucas started his own business in the 1860's selling paraffin oil for lamps. He moved into production manufacturing his own lamps and it was the 'King of the Road' cycle lamp that brought the fledgling company great success. Designed by Harry Lucas and first used on Penny Farthing bicycles in 1878-9, the 'King of the Road' lamp was granted a patent shortly afterwards and, following the formation of Joseph Lucas and Son, the 'King of the Road' Lion became the company's trademark in 1884. Enjoying considerable success in the early bicycle boom years, Joseph Lucas Ltd. capitalised on the birth and growth of the automotive industry.

Catalogue Number : DPI 26112
Title : Birmingham - King of the Road Inn Sign
Date : 1975
Source : 35mm Slide
Maximum Dimensions : 2041 x 2883 Pixels
Resolution : 800dpi
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