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Whiteway's : Ginger Wine

DPI-27002 Hockley - Whiteway's Ginger Wine Bottle Label [c.1940's]

DPI-27002 Hockley - Whiteway's Ginger Wine Bottle Label [c.1940's]

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This old Ginger Wine bottle label from Whiteway's of Whimple dates from the 1950's when the Devon company boasted an extensive portfolio of brands. Founded during the 19th century, the business grew in size until it was one of the UK's leading cider makers. The firm was run on a modest scale until Ronald Whiteway succeeded his father during the 1920's. Under his stewardship the company expanded and in 1934 Whiteway's Cyder Co. Ltd. was formed. An important employer in the county, the company had three hundred workers working for the firm that opened branches in London, Newton Abbot and Sheffield.

Catalogue Number : DPI 27002
Title : Whiteway's - Ginger Wine
Date : c.1950's
Source : Original Label
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Resolution : 800dpi
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