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Southam's : Triple 'S' Pale Ale

DPI-27001 Shrewsbury - Southam's Triple 'S' Pale Ale Beer Label [c.1950's]

DPI-27001 Shrewsbury - Southam's Triple 'S' Pale Ale Beer Label [c.1950's]

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A bottle label from the premises formerly known as the Old Salop Brewery in Shrewsbury's Chester Street. Founded in the mid-19th century, that enterprise was wound up around 1880 with the brewery being acquired by Thomas Southam, a mineral water manufacturer. In partnership with his son Walter, Thomas Southam operated a non-alcoholic business for some years. However, in the early Edwardian period brewing equipment was installed and beers were once again rolled out of the old brewery. The business eventually operated a tied estate of 94 public houses before they were acquired by Threlfall Chesters Ltd. in 1966. The brewery was demolished in 1967, the year that Threlfall's were themselves acquired by Whitbread & Co.Ltd.

Catalogue Number : DPI 27001
Title : Southam's - Triple 'S' Pale Ale
Date : c.1950's
Source : Original Beer Label
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Resolution : 800dpi
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