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Wolverhampton : Butler's Amber Ale

Butler's Amber Ale Beer Label [1935]

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An orange beer label is probably apposite for an amber-coloured beer. William Butler's Amber Ale is thought to have first emerged around 1930 as a light session ale. With an ABV of just under 3.0%, it was ideal for workers in hot factories where the men sent a runner to the outdoor of their local pub in order to slake their thirst. Back in the day the men who toiled in stamping factories, foundries and steel works etc. would measure their daily intake by the gallon! With the Springfield brewery being located close to the canal and railway lines, beers such as Amber Ale could be sold in quantities outside of the local area. Amber Ale was very popular in Wolverhampton and the beer remained in the company's portfolio until their takeover by Mitchell's & Butler's in 1960.

Catalogue Number : DPI 0020
Title : Wolverhampton - Butler's Amber Ale
Date : 1935
Source : Original Brewery Beer Label
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Resolution : 600dpi
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