On this page you can find details of how to commission personal photographs via our bespoke service.


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Digital Photographic Images

Bespoke Image Service

Photograph Editing

A range of bespoke image services are available. For example if you are not that familiar with image manipulation software and would like an image prepared for you to publish straight into a webpage or publication then we can crop, compress, enhance, overwrite or just about anything you desire. There is a charge for our time - the way of the world. Also for a small administration fee, we can also prepare images in other formats such as Bitmap [.bmp], Portable Network Graphics [.png], Graphics Interchange Format [.gif], Photoshop Document [.psd] and Tagged Image File Format [.tiff] to name a few.

Get an image of a specific location

We also offer an individual service whereby we will travel to a location in order to take photographs that you may require. This is ideal for those living, say, in Australia or the USA who require photographs of the British town or buildings in which their ancestors lived. Churches, cemeteries and workplaces are also popular subjects with family history buffs. Naturally, we have to charge expenses for such a commission. Please contact us if you require further information or a quote for a given photo task.