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Bedford : Black Cats Band

Bedford - Black Cats Band on the River [c.1912]

Bedford - Black Cats Band on the River [c.1912]

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The Black Cats were a very popular music band in and around Bedfordshire during the Edwardian period. Here they are taking their performance to the water as they play on the river at Bedford. The Black Cats included George Fay, Maisie Brodribb, Will Henry, Jessie Ewart and the so-called debonair Signor Del Lungo. Here the women are dressed in their traditional big white dresses with floppy hats whilst the men always performed in blazers and flannels. Often billed as "Bedford's Original Seaside Entertainment," The Black Cats often appeared at the Y.M.C.A. Hall and the Skating Rink.

Catalogue Number : DPI 5010
Title : Bedford - The Black Cats Band
Date : c.1912
Source : Real Photo Postcard
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Resolution : 800dpi
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